Dream Wedding: Where will you go?

This blog has some of our favorite dream locations!

Here are a few lovely destinations to spark your wanderlust wedding plans. Even if these locations aren’t for you, why not let them inspire your designs and spark your imagination. Hey, while you’re here, why not go ahead and plan for the honeymoon to start right after the ceremony! We’ve even included the best month to visit destination locations so all the stars are aligned just for you!

























With all of these beautiful places, don’t disregard small intimate affairs either.

At the end of the day, it’s the people around you that will truly make the memories and share in the happiness of your successful wedding. Never feel as if you have to restrict your wedding into a pre-destined box. Your wedding can be what ever you want it to be, and the world is open to all of your dreams and inspiration. New developments arise every day and you never know what the future olds. Just think about it…

One day we’ll be able to marry in space, and there’s already the current construction of Poseidon Undersea Resort. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be part of a wedding in the little mermaid’s world.

dream wedding ideas with underwater and mermaid theme

So, where will you be getting married? Comment below to tell us more of your dream wedding ideas!

Jewish Irish Destination Wedding

There’s always something special about a couple who have embraced and committed to each for years before their wedding ceremony.

After dreaming of their beach wedding, it was great to see the bride and groom interact and joke with their friends before the ceremony. You can see from their first look photos, how connected the bride and groom felt to each other.

engagement ring and wedding band rest onto of a piano for a macro shot

bride poses in hallway with her reflection in picture frame before her wedding ceremony

bride and groom share a first look before the wedding and bride kisses groom's cheek

bride and groom face each other smiling and holding hands before their wedding

We were worried that the weather was going to rain on our parade, but the Corey-O’Conner destination wedding ended up having a beautiful sunny day. Emotions were heartfelt throughout the ceremony as a blend of Jewish and Irish traditions framed their union. Having a little boy myself, I enjoyed watching their son and all of his poses. He had a mind of his own and brought energy and laughs in boatloads.

niece kisses bride as she gives her away during the wedding ceremony

bride smiles will cupping the groom's face during the wedding ceremony and a happy moment

Bride and groom smash a glass as a tribute to jewish wedding traditions

bride and groom laugh and smile while walking down the aisle as husband and wife

the couple's son jokes in the hotel lobby with thumbs up

I was impressed at their reception hall too. Deb and Steve seated their guests on the 16th floor of the Hilton. When you walked into the room, the ocean side was nothing but windows! Light poured in and the food smelled delicious as we all sat overlooking a blue sky and calm ocean.

the dessert table included a beach theme wedding cake, cake pops, and cupcakes

When Deb and Steve cut the cake, it was one of their cutest moments from the night. Deb fed Steve and, instead of cake smashing him, took a bite off the end of his piece and kissed him.

bride and groom share their wedding cake during the reception

the wedding couple pose cheek to cheek for portraits at the beach

The chair dance was a lot of fun too! Between Steve teasing Deb and all of their friends and family tearing up the dance floor, the day was none short of perfect.

bride and groom kiss at the end of the their first dance surrounded by the wedding party

groom dances with his son as their enjoy the band and reception party

the bride picks up her son and twirls him around as the groom looks at them lovingly.

bride and groom laugh and enjoy the jewish chair dance during the wedding reception

groom dances during a jewish tradition with family and friends

bride points up to the sky during the wedding reception

bride, groom, friends, and family jump in the air during the wedding party for a fun photo

Overall, I was impressed with them. Steve and Deb planned and coordinated a successful wedding by themselves. Congratulations to you both, I wish you many more years of happiness!

bride and groom pose on the beach for a wedding portrait


Ceremony/Reception: Hilton at Kingston Plantation

Florist: Callas Florist

Photography: Carl Kerridge Photography

Videography: Reuben Long

Cake and Desserts: Croissants Bistro & Bakery

Entertainment: Permanent Vacation

Art: Why does it matter?

A good piece of art can be the “spine” of its chosen viewers. It can select, provoke, inspire, nurture, and excite its audience.  

I’ve read art referenced as, “…a necessary escape and refuge of the mind from the chaos and trouble-ridden world.” I’m not too sure I like that description. It leans towards locking art into a recreational activity from reality. 

“The arts matter because we matter, and our stories matter. We are moving miracles, walking creators engaging in a cosmic dance. The art we express is timeless.” –Mohammed Sheriff

I like how Mary Boone explains it, “I don’t really believe that art is escapist. I believe that art provides a sensory experience that, on the contrary, can be restorative… What one needs is the curiosity and the desire to truly see and feel. To perhaps be a bit uncomfortable as you learn to decipher how different art works make you feel, but to learn that on the other side of that discomfort lies pleasure – the pleasure of discovering a work that “speaks” to you, or the pleasure that comes from simply gazing at something beautiful.”

So, why should you care about it? 

Well, let’s look at some fun facts:

  • -Arts improve individual well-being. 63 percent of the population believe the arts “lift me beyond everyday experiences,” 64 percent feel the arts give them “pure pleasure to experience and participate in,” and 73 percent say the arts are a “positive experience in a troubled world.”
  • -The arts unify communities. 67 percent of Americans believe “the arts unify our communities regardless of age, race, and ethnicity” and 62 percent agree that the arts “help me understand other cultures better”-a perspective observed across all demographic and economic categories.
  • -Access to art is linked to better health, safety, and education in lower-income neighborhoods.
  • -Art Therapy shows promise as a means of treating hard-to-treat symptoms of combat-related PTSD, such as avoidance and emotional numbing, while also addressing the underlying psychological situation that gives rise to these symptoms.


One of the most valuable form of stress reduction and relaxation is the enjoyment or practice of art.” To me, it sounds like the beginning of a solution to long term problems. That’s the hurdle advocates face, the misunderstanding of long term importance because of short term ideology. It matters because of the emotions it invokes.

Emotions and intentions are what anchor art to us. 

“The arts matter because they extend our lives. I’m not talking about years added–though certain artists, through their creations, can claim a type of immortality. Rather, the arts allow us fully to inhabit other personalities, perspectives, and states of perception. The arts thus elongate human experience. And while it can’t be displayed on a standard chronology, who’s to say this qualitative increase in life doesn’t translate to a quantitative one?” – Sunil Iyengar

So, would you like more art in your life? Talk to me, how would you do it? Will you venture down to your local art walk and bring your friends? Would you finally go, take that yoga or dance class you’ve always wanted to try? Could you rent out a studio space to photograph the composition in your head?

Dare to see that there is more to you, that is the art of your originality.

To see more of my art work please visit www.bwfineartphotography.com

playing around with art shots


BlogPaws and Wagging Tails

When BlogPaws first approached me with photographing their event, I thought taking pictures of puppies and kittens was one of the coolest jobs offers this year!

I had a wonderful time with all of the associates and attendees of BlogPaws. Afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised when Scott Smith featured us in his article reviewing the event:

“If BlogPaws had an MVP award, photographer, Carl Kerridge would’ve won it, hands down. Between the attendees, brands, and sponsors, there were a lot of moving parts at the conference. Carl was sticking and moving in and out of rooms catching the pivotal snaps with the prowess of a professional boxer. And the best is, he had a smile on his face the whole time and could not have been more pleasant.

At one point, I was going to ask if he had an identical twin brother. I couldn’t comprehend how one photographer handled the entire conference. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Carl is the real deal.

Carl Kerridge has been dedicated to image making since obtaining his first film camera at the tender age of seven. Mostly self-taught, Carl’s passion is in creating images that narrate a story, focused on natural light, real emotion, and strong compositions. Based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Carl’s high-energy approach to photojournalism was in full force during BlogPaws.”

The “identical twin” comment made me laugh! It truly was a great experience.

For my lovely readers, I put together a post so all my puppy and kitty parents could enjoy these fur-babies.

blogpaws conference 2017

rainbow dyed dog at blogpaws conference

wine and design with your pet at blogpaws

sleepy puppy looks out from his basket at blogpaws conference

Chihuahuas pose for their photo at the blogpaws conference

a shitzu sneaks a treat while walking around the blogpaws conference

kitty enjoys her new toy at the blogpaws conference

great dane poses like he's getting a bath at the blogpaws conference

puppy with a bowtie poses for his picture at the blogpaws conference

k-9 unit and his dog pose during awards at the blogpaws conference

jack russell lays her head down during the blogpaws seminar

golden Labrador plays with his ball during the blogpaws conference

french bulldog pose in his shirt for a pictures during the blogpaws conference

owner holds her cat in a batman costume at the blogpaws event

husky parades down the red carpet in a pink tutu

Chihuahua poses in his hat for the red carpet at blogpaws

husky poses in his tux on the red carpet at blog paws

Pomeranian poses in her sunglasses on the red carpet at blogpaws

cat dresses in a victorian gown on the red carpet for blogpaws

animal parents and fur-babies pose on the red carpet for a candid moment during the blogpaws conference

To read more about all of those wagging tails, check out the full article on BlogPaws here. I hope to see everyone again and welcome new visitors at the next conference! We’re going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!